House of Hoxton boutique hair studio provides an escape from the traditional hair salon experience. When you visit, you’ll breathe easy and leave the outside world and all its noise behind.


Tucked away from the commotion of Carlisle Street, the relaxed studio space invites you to take a seat and unwind. Clean white walls, soft furnishings and natural décor complete the easygoing, earthy look and feel.

Our personalised freehand hair painting technique enhances and refines your hair’s natural tones to create beautiful, “lived-in” colour —from blonde to brunette — that lasts.

More than just spending time at a salon, you’ll enjoy your time at House of Hoxton.


Kirby Richards started styling and colouring hair in 2004. Her salon work led her to bridal and event gigs, as well as stints at fashion weeks in both London and New York. The inspiration behind House of Hoxton comes from her time working in London, where her home became a refuge from the frenetic energy of the city.